When will men learn women are always right

It’s the sound every woman wants to hear from her partner;

“You know what honey? You were right and I was wrong.”

That was the sound of repentance from George this morning on KIIS101.1’s Matt & Meshel breakfast show when he found out his fiancé Hailey from Berwick won $50,000 as part of the What’s That Noise competition, despite initially not having confidence in her answer.

The 32-year-old mum correctly guessed the noise to be closing the flap on mail box and over the last two weeks convinced her fiancé to help her call at 7am and 8am every morning to attempt to get through to the program.

And this morning as holed up in a cupboard to get some peace and quiet away from the kids, she finally got through.

The couple have been trying to save for a house deposit for the last eight years and will now use the cash towards buying a home, but the money will first be put to good use tonight at the local pub for the pair to celebrate their winnings with their two young children.

George has vowed never to doubt his wife’s instincts again.


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