Who will buy radio 2CH?

Now that September has rolled around, Macquarie Media has less than a month to finalise its required sale of 2CH.
radioinfo readers will recall that Macquarie Media got a 6-month extension on the sale process from regulator ACMA which is required because they currently own three stations in the Sydney market, which is one more than is allowed in the two to a market rule.
Those close to upper management at MML were adamant they would comply with the law but were just as keen to hang on to 2CH and the other two stations if they could. 
The only way they could do that would be if the law changes to allow three stations in one market.
Who will buy it is anyone’s guess.
The Council of Churches used to own sister station 2GB and are widely speculated to be interested in owning a radio station again.
2CH commenced broadcasting on 15 February 1932 on 1210 kHz.
The NSW Council of Churches was its licence holder until it was sold to John Singleton in April 1994.
The CH stands for “Churches” and it is understood The Council continues to have a significant input into the format of the station
Janet Cameron‘s Grant Broadcasters or Kevin Blyton‘s Capital Radio Network could also be possible bidders, as could other smaller radio groups such as Rowley Patterson‘s Ace Network or Glenn Wheatley‘s Eon Media Group.
No-one has confirmed their interest publicly, but Macquarie is on record saying it has been discussing the sale with a number of possible buyers. Larger networks would be locked out of ownership by the same ‘two to a market’ rule that has forced Macquarie to sell…
Contacted last week, MML COO, Adam Lang would not hint at who the likely buyers might be but assured radioinfo that the September 30 deadline would be met.

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