Who’d have the audacity to start up against the big guns of audio?

Peter Saxon chats with Audacia founder Kym Treasure.

With a background in advertising, Perth born Kym Treasure’s previous job was at Spotify. Based in Singapore she oversaw ad placement for global advertisers such as tourism boards, airlines and McDonald’s.

“I found that there were lots of gaps in the market that potentially weren’t being addressed,” says Kym, “Working within a walled garden like Spotify, you can potentially run out of inventory to sell.”

So last November, Kym quit her job at Spotify and founded her own audio business: Audacia.

Audacia is like an ad agency for audio with a creative department that produces ads aimed at podcasts where creative production can be a little bit of an afterthought,” says Kim. “I want to bring that more into the forefront, not just taking a radio ad and running it on a podcast. I think that kind of strategy isn’t very effective.”

Audacia also offers an audio marketplace, like a regular media buying agency, that can place clients’ in all the different types of audio, from podcasts to music to online radio to in-game audio.

“Clients and agencies, won’t need to go to three or four different publishers to buy their audio anymore. 

“They can come straight to Audacia and I’ll be able to build a strategy for them at scale across any country in any language,” says Kym.

Hear more from Kym Treasure about her audacious start up in this chat with Peter Saxon…


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