Will and Woody address the inner critic on RU OK? day

KIIS’s Will & Woody presented a segment this R U OK? where they invited their celebrity friends to share the nastiest thoughts they have about themselves and say it to someone else.

They were joined by THE PICK UP’s Britt Hockley, Laura Byrne and Mitch Churi, Jack and Falcon from The Inspired Unemployed, Brooke Boney and The Project’s Georgie Tunny and Sam Taunton and Brooke Boney.

Will and Woody started with their own negative thoughts.

  • Will McMahon – “The only thing that makes you noticeable is your output and if you stop working then you will disappear, and people will stop loving you.”
  • Woody Whitelaw – “Whenever someone says anything nice about you, they’re lying because how could that be true.”


  • Brittany Hockley – “You are never going to be a mum.”
  • Mitch Churi – “You are completely and totally unlovable and you’re a joke if you think anyone is going to love you the way you want to be loved.”
  • Laura Byrne – “You’re a bad mum because you don’t have enough time for your kids.”

The Inspired Unemployed

  • Falcon – ” I don’t think you deserve anything you’ve got. Sorry mate.”
  • Jack – “I don’t think anyone thinks you’re funny today, so just be careful what you say.”

The Imperfects Podcast

  • Josh Van Cuylenburg – “You’re not very good at your job and everyone is starting to notice.”
  • Ryan Shelton – “You’re selfish.”

The Project

  • Georgie Tunny – “I can’t believe you got that word wrong. You do this for a living.”
  • Sam Taunton – “You’re not funny at all and as core, you’re just charismatic and that’s how you get by.”

Today Show 

  • Brooke Boney – “Why aren’t you more productive? Why do you need more rest? It’s a bit lazy.”


  • Laura Henshaw – “Hey, I just don’t think you’re good enough.”

The KIIS Network is encouraging listeners to reflect on their mental health and check in on their loved ones this RU OK? Day, a National Day of Action when Australians are reminded to ask, ‘Are you ok?’ to start a meaningful conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life.

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