Will and Woody sign on to remain with KIIS till end of 2026

Drive duo Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw have signed with ARN and The KIIS Network for three more years, until the end of 2026.

Will & Woody have been with KIIS since 2018, were the top National Drive Show a number of times in 2023 and continue to use their platform to support social change and have very open conversations about mental health and other things.  They broadcast on 42 stations across the country reaching more than 1.6 million people each week.

McMahon said of extending the contract:

“Admittedly, I still have a bit of imposter syndrome about this job. Certainly, when I consider the other people we compete against; people we used to listen to ourselves as kids. But the truth is, it will be nine years of drive radio when this next deal finishes. So even if I feel a bit unworthy, the support and confidence has never waned from KIIS. I love Woody, our team, and our listeners, and so I will forever be grateful to the network for making me an imposter, in what is now, an epic life.”

Whitelaw added:

“Did we re-sign?! Awesome!! In all seriousness, the idea that I have three more years of getting to spend my afternoons shooting the breeze with my best mate is a dream that I’m excited to keep living.”

ARN’s Chief Content Officer Duncan Campbell said:

“Will & Woody’s vibrancy is so contagious that it is really a no brainer as to why they have become so synonymous with the KIIS brand. Their candour and genuine friendship are why they continue to connect with audiences nation-wide and the country has continued to fall in love with them since 2018 when they first joined our network. The past 12 months have been monumental for the boys both personally and professionally, from having their first children (not with each other, to be clear!) to reaching the #1 National Drive Show in 2023, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of their journey as we invest in our shared future.”

Will & Woody can be heard on KIIS 1065, KIIS 101.1, KIIS 97.3 and Mix102.3 from 4-6PM, on 96FM from 5-6pm or via iHeartRadio.

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