Will Geoff Field and Jason get married in the UK?

in the absence of gay marriage laws in Australia, 2Day FM’s gay newsreader Geoff Field has been asked to get married in the UK.

Will he consider it?

Unlikely says Geoff, who would like to get legally married to his partner Jason in Australia.

Meanwhile, Australian Radio Network’s The Edge 96.ONE ran a Facebook poll on Gay Marriage after stories that government MPs believe Sydney’s western suburbs, the heartland of the Labor constituency, do not support Gay Marriage.

84% of Edge listeners voted that same-sex marriage was ok, and the comment section the station’s website reveal an interesting cross section of opinions, mostly in support of gay marriage.

“I think we support gay marriage more then the inner city. I think she will find the majority of Australians do. Why would western Sydney be any different? I’m in the Blue Mountains and I certainly do” – Jessica Marriott

“Western Sydney is agreeing with it more every day” – Mitch Finn

“I really don’t think people care. There’s enough going on in our lives to worry about whether or not two people if the same sex can get married. We’re more worried about if we can get that damn train line built out in the hills!” – Vanessa Vurchio

“If Julia gillard isn’t prepared to pass it, I won’t be voting for her. Times are changing and people should be entitled to love and to marry whoever it is they choose without being judged” – Ashley Macklan

“I live out in Penrith and everyone I know in western sydney is for marriage equality so i don’t know where Julia and tony are getting there information” – Abe Spence-cowell

“Live in the west and support”  – Troy James

“We are auzzie’s, we are laid back fun loving and yet England legalised it before us!” –  Shaye Smith

“I’m sure they do. One of many misjudgements by Julia” – Sam Barsby

“I live in the west i am all for gay marriage and so is all my friends and family” – Kristy Williams

“Is it because western Sydney is supposedly the ROUGH area watta twat!!”  – Elisha Ancilleri-Bushnell OConnor

“I’m from western Sydney and fully support equality” – Dominique Carroll

See more on Facebook here and on The Edge 96.ONE here.

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