Geoff Field quits 2SM for “a new exciting opportunity”

Highly respected News Reader Geoff Field who was suddenly retrenched from 2Day-FM after almost 19 years has quit 2SM after just six months.

Of his departure from 2Day Field has told his faccebook followers: “As many of you know I was angry and shocked, but in hindsight it was the best things that could have happened. 

“I had many wonderful years working with people including Wendy Harmer, Andrew Denton, Jamie Angel, Ron E Sparx, Kyle and Jackie O, Ellie Mobbs and Hamish and Andy – not to mention many wonderful people I respect enormously in the newsroom.

“After spending time travelling with (partner) Jason, and taking a break from radio for the first time in my life since I was 16, I was kindly offered work by several radio stations. including 2SM, where I have been working casually for the past 6 months. I have really enjoyed my time there with news director Dianne Coveny Garland and her young talented team that deliver news to dozens of stations around Australia on the Supernetwork.

“I also must thank Grant Goldman and his producer Justin for making me SO welcome.

“Tomorrow I finish up, not because I was terminated, but because I’ve been offered a new exciting opportunity in the industry doing something that’s a challenge and new for me.”

UPDATE:  Geoff’s new challenge revealed here.


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