Will & Woody say NO to Valentine’s Day

Will & Woody from hit92.9‘s Heidi, Will & Woody have flipped a proverbial middle finger to Valentine’s Day, which has long been either adored by romantics, or deemed a Hallmark Holiday by others. 
With increased restaurant prices, flower sales and expectations to be swept off your feet, Will & Woody say NO to the sweet, sweet melody of Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift’s ‘I Don’t Want To Live Forever.’
So, where to start with the latest parody from ‘The Boyz?’ Perhaps with Woody’s shower scene, which seems like as good a place to start as any, featuring a naked Woody in a steamy shower doing a slow motion hair toss surprisingly well. Or perhaps Will’s bedroom scene with a leaf blower?
Look, the weirdness holds no bounds!
Whether you are all for V-Day or would rather just get Uber Eats instead take a look.


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