Will & Woody silenced by surprise caller, The Project’s Waleed Aly

hit92.9’s Will & Woody were pretty confident they had it in the bag when they started a debate with Heidi about her stinky food this morning during Heidi, Will & Woody.
Opening up the phone-lines to listeners, Will & Woody posed the argument that Heidi should have to eat outside because the smell caused by her breakfast was endangering the lives of people in the studio.
What ‘The Boyz’ weren’t counting on was that The Project’s debate master, Waleed Aly, who will be in town next week for the Fremantle Festival, listens to the show …
“I monitor the show every day from the eastern states,” he said.
“I very rarely call in but every now and again an issue comes up that really gets to me and I have to take a stand.”

Quickly jumping to Heidi’s defence, Waleed shot down Will & Woody.  “I actually don’t even understand your argument! That’s how bad it is.”
“Maybe if you ate something decent once in a while, you could appreciate what’s going on.”
With nothing left up their sleeves, Woody looked to Will for help, asking him to tag in but it seems the law student couldn’t handle any more schooling.
“I’ve got nothing! I’m out,” said Will.
Heidi & Waleed 1, Will & Woody 0

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