Will & Woody’s hunt for the Hoff

All this week KIIS FM’s Drive Show hosts Will & Woody have been on the ‘Hunt for the Hoff’, trying to get David Hasselhoff’s phone number and testing to see if six degrees of separation can really work.
On day one Will & Woody managed to get the phone number of Tania Zaetta from listener Kira who does yoga with her.
Tania was in Season 2 of Celebrity Apprentice Australia and also on Baywatch with The Hoff and while she didn’t have his direct number, she suggested that maybe Kochie from Channel 7’s Sunrise may be able to help.
Kochie didn’t have The Hoff’s number, but suggested that perhaps Sunrise entertainment correspondent Nelson Aspen might so on day three, Will & Woody hit dial to see whether Nelson could help when a surprise interruption changed everything.

KIIS 1065’s own Kyle Sandilands called through and told Will & Woody he had a better lead for them.
Kyle has The Hoff’s phone number, he won’t give it out, but said he would instead give them Mark Holden’s phone number who he says is “best friends” with the Hoff.
So, Will & Woody cold called the former Australian Idol judge who revealed how he met David Hasselhoff, worked with him and become great friends.

At the moment of truth, when they asked Mark for The Hoff’s number, he said he’d need 24 hours to think about it.
A day later Mark came through with The Hoff’s number, and all it took was Will & Woody promising him 100 cupcakes.
So today it the big day, Will & Woody will dial The Hoff’s number live on air. But will he pick up?





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