Ariana Grande couples up with Social House on Boyfriend at No.6: AirCheck Survey

Chart Highlights    15 August 2019

  • Biggest Mover: Ariana Grande & Social House gain 308 spins with ‘Boyfriend’ at No.6​
  • New Release: Katy Perry’s ‘Small Talk’ debuts at No.31 with 280 spins​
  • Fresh Collab: Lauv & Anne-Marie up 229 spins with ‘Lonely’ at No.27

This week Ariana Grande was the biggest mover on the AirCheck National Radio Airplay chart, with ‘Boyfriend’ almost doubling last week’s spins, rising to No.6. The track featuring Social House received airplay on 18 stations nationally, with Nova 969 Sydney and Nova 100 Melbourne out in front adding 50 spins each.

As ‘Never Really Over’ hit No.4, Katy Perry’s latest release ‘Small Talk’ entered the chart at No.31 with 280 spins. Again, the Nova network was a top supporter of the hit, accounting for more than half of its airplay.

Lauv & Anne-Marie lifted 36 places to No.27 with ‘Lonely’ in its second week on air. 15 stations added the track with KRock Geelong spinning the track the most. Jax Jones & Bebe Rexha delivered another fast mover with ‘Harder’ skyrocketing 90 places to No.39 with 157 spins.




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