Win your own radio station

Clear Channel has a spare frequency in Cincinnati and is offering would-be program directors the chance to choose the format for the station.

The winner of the Final Format competition will program the music on 94.9FM for the month of April.

Clear Channel’s other station in the market, 700 WLW is holding a ‘battle of the formats’ competition where listeners’ formats are played off against one another in an online voting competition.

Formats pitted against each other include: 700wlw_200.

  • 24 Hour Commercials and Competitions V Punk
  • All Local Music V Christian Music
  • Country V Comedy
  • ‘Hair’ Rock Bands (a format imaginatively called Weed) V Goth
  • Attitude Music V Blues/Rock
  • French Pop V Karaoke

Some of the less tasteful format suggestions include Sluts N Butts and Cluster F*** Radio.


The station used to be 945 Kiss FM, but the format was recently scrapped by Clear Channel.

On the basis of originality and creativity, we here at radioinfo like the ‘Weed’ format featuring ‘hair’ rock bands.

What creative new format and name would you suggest? Post your suggestion below.

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