Winter is coming… this morning at 9:30

Survey 2 results HERE.

If nail biting was an Olympic sport, those working in radio at the pointy end of content would be gold medalists.

On one hand, after a poor result in Survey 1, they’ll be fretting over whether their station and major shifts will bounce back. And if they had a good Survey last time, they’d be sweating over whether they’ll maintain the momentum and rise again or at least not lose hard-won ground.

SCA, who posted a strong result overall in Survey 1, will be hoping that the green shoots sprout from the 2Day FM Breakfast show since Grant Denyer and Ash London joined Ed Kavalee late last year will start to blossom even as winter approaches.

They’ll be praying that FOX retains its FM lead and a resurgent Triple clings on to recent gains to repeat the network’s one/two result on the FM band in Melbourne.

Can Triple M regain its market lead from Nova, in Brisbane? Indeed, can  Nova retain the lead in a city that’s seen more changes of leader than Federal parliament?

Speaking of Nova, was Sydney’s -2.1 drop in share last time just an aberration or is it the start of a trend? And, can Nova in Adelaide, reduce the gap further between it and market leader, MIX102.3.

Will the smoothfm brand go up, down or stay the same in either Sydney, Melbourne or both?

With both of ARN’sbrave new Breakfast shows, Jase and PJ at KIIS101.1 and Christian O’Connell at GOLD104.3 suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune be able to pick themselves up and go forth once more unto the breach to claw their way back into the fray? 

Ditto for 96FM in Perth which has appointed of the all-conquering Gary Roberts to lead the charge out of the valley of darkness and into the promised land.

MacRadio is blissfully unaffected by the kind of fluctuations that bedevil its FM cousins. One could bet Melbourne to a brick that 3AW and 2GB will win again by a long margin in their respective markets while the ABC and triple j will continue to run their own race.

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