Woody gets busted for sneaky Hughesy impersonation in a bid to confirm his hotness

After landing a spot in Take 5’s ‘Top 20 Hottest Radio Hunks’ last year, Woody, from hit92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody, was shocked at not making the coveted list again this year.
On the down-low and unknown to  Hit 92.9‘s Heidi & Will, Woody has been investigating as to why his sexiness seems to have failed him.
“I’m shocked and appalled that my ruggedly handsome, bad boy looks were not appreciated on this list,” Woody said.
When his phone calls to Take 5 Deputy Editor, Kate Kirsten, went unanswered, Woody decided to pose as another radio host who was deemed sexy enough to make it on the list, Dave Hughes, from 96FM’s drive show, Hughesy & Kate.
“It’s Dave Hughes here. Just wondering why Woody Whitelaw was left off the hottest 20 hosts? It’s very interesting,” he said in a voicemail to Kirsten.
“He’s a very good looking guy, much better looking than me.”

What Woody didn’t know, was that his impersonation was so believable that Kirsten called 96FM to return Hughesy’s call, resulting in Hughesy & Kate playing his voicemail on air to the entire country.
“He’s a handsome man,” said Hughesy in response.
“Even though he is a handsome man, I would not want people to vote for him over me!”
Wanting to have his say on Woody’s next level sneakiness, Hughesy called hit92.9 this morning to catch him out on air and reveal to Perth what he has been up to.
“A lot of haters have come at me over this list and I didn’t think you’d be one of them Woody!” Hughesy said.
Way to get caught out there Woody.



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