radioinfo readers back Beth’s alternative Hunk Poll

radioinfo readers have backed Beth Larsen’s alternative Hunk survey in a totally unscientific poll of the hunkiest radio blokes.

Readers will recall Beth’s outrage at the Take 5 list for having old and ugly AM announcers in it.

In our survey so far, most of Beth’s nominees (those at the top of the list) have outranked the Take 5 list. The only exception is Ben Fordham, a forty year old ‘hunk’ who does an AM radio shift on 2GB. Some voters recognised Ben’s hunk status despite his choice of band and format.

Some of our readers also nominated outsider candidates who were on neither list, notably John Laws and ‘Squinty’ Leonard, who has conducted a social media campaign to at least get recognised on someone’s list (we think voters with close links to Squinty gave him a sympathy vote). Also nominated in the comments box of our earlier report was ABC Radio Brisbane’s Craig Zonica

Our results so far are below, and below that is your chance to cast your vote.

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