World Radio Day: What will you be doing?

Last month UNESCO proclaimed February 13th as World Radio Day. What will your station be doing to support the event? The idea for World Radio Day came from a proposal in 2010 by the Academia Española de la Radio, and UNESCO agreed to the request to proclaim a world day after a series of consultations with broadcasters around the globe. Australia’s National Film & Sound archive is preparing some material for a blog which will include an historic recording from 1944  ‘A Day in the Life of a Radio Technician.’ More on this as the day approaches.


The proposal was based on the popularity and success of radio “due to its unique qualities as a low-cost technology, both to broadcast and to receive, that is equally suited to reach global, national or local audiences. For many communities it is the only medium available and certainly the only one open to the voices and concerns of women, youth and the poor.”


Radio is also an “essential component of emergency communication systems and ideal for supporting disaster relief efforts,” according to the UNESCO proposal.


The incorporation of digital technologies is “making new forms of radio possible such as Internet radio and podcasts delivered via the Internet… Yet the benefits of radio are far from fully realized,” says the proposal.


The Executive Board expressed hope that World Radio Day will “raise the public and the media’s understanding of the value of actively supporting radio.” They also hope that the day will encourage decision-makers to support, establish and provide access to radio, and to provide a networking focus for radio proponents and practitioners worldwide, to exchange ideas, experiences and resources.


Numerous activities for the day are being planned. A steering committee will be formed and UNESCO will work with this group to secure external funding and support from their stakeholders, foundations and others.


The day hopes to include local celebrations, link relevant UNESCO program activities to World Radio Day; organize events, encourage national celebrations and utilise networks of Goodwill Ambassadors to promote the event.


As well as giving the world wide radio industry a chance to celebrate, UNESCO is hoping the established broadcasters in developed countries will assist less developed broadcasters around the world and that the world industry will rally to support radio development where it is needed. See the full proposal that was written in support of World Radio day at the link on the bottom of this page, and view our earlier story here.


What will you be doing for World Radio Day in February 13th?


We have added World Radio Day to our radioinfo calendar thanks to a reader at the National Film and Sound Archive reminding us of the date. If you are planning an event for the day, send us the details and we will cover it here on radioinfo.