World Record announcing attempt in Campbelltown

2MCR’s Matthew Fulton has embarked on his “long arduous fight” to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Radio DJ Marathon. His aim is to stay on air for over 100 hours.

During the record attempt Fulton only has a fifteen minute break every eight hours, must announce every song, talk once per minute during interviews, and most importantly, he must stay awake! The record was previously set by Queensland broadcaster Jeremy Black.

Fulton is hoping to glide into the record books Wednesday night (5 June) at 6 PM, some 102 hours after he started his Radio Marathon.

2MCR’s Community Radio studios in Campbelltown are expected to be full to capacity around 6 pm when Fulton passes the mark. He doesn’t expect to stop there though, as his aim is to stay awake and broadcasting for at least 120 hours. He has gone without sleep since Saturday morning, barring just a short nap or two. He is still brimming with enthusiasm, and the studio is “bustling with activity” as he keeps the CD players going and tries to talk coherently to his audience.

So far during the attempt many local and national identities have popped in or talked to him on the phone including Rove McManus, H.G. Nelson, Doug Mulray, Stuart Craney, Amanda Easton, Pat Farmer, and Roger Lee among many others.

The Macarthur area is right behind Fulton, with countless station members and the local community helping out around the clock to keep him awake. He has the advantage of being well fed by local supporters and is being constantly monitored by local nurses to ensure his safety.

2MCR’s special interactive website has been “overwhelmed with hits.” The website has sparked interest from all over the world with plenty of e-mails of support. To send a message to Matt, e-mail [email protected] or visit the site at and see him on the live web cam.