The world’s first sausage roll funeral

This morning, Nova 93.7’s breakfast team, Nathan, Nat and Shaun went into mourning for a lost faithful friend.
Last week, the team were gifted their absolute favourite food item, two delicious, award-winning Kalgoorlie Sausage Rolls, sourced direct from Nathan’s hometown.
In his excitement, Nathan placed the sausage rolls in the Breakfast room fridge, and subsequently left them there for over a week to go bad.
In an outpouring of devastation, Nathan, Nat & Shaun, along with Nova 93.7 staff, held a service on the Nova balcony in Subiaco to cremate their missed meal – the world’s first ever funeral service for sausage rolls.
The team dressed entirely in black, except for Shaun McManus, who forgot to tell his wife to lay out black clothes for him. However half a Batman costume and a black ‘Dami Army’ hat were sourced as appropriate to pay respects.
Nathan Morris, who took the blame for the fiasco, lit the funeral pyre with John Farnham’s ‘Burn for You’ playing softly in the background.
Morris was moved by the ceremony. “Nova has been rocked to the core by the loss of two sausage rolls. We gathered here today to say goodbye to not only a friend, but a pastry.”
The remains of the two sausage rolls will remain a part of the Nova 93.7 family for years to come.
Nathan, Nat & Shaun have asked that their privacy be respected at this difficult time.


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