Would you like footy scores with that?

SCA has developed a world first dynamic sport campaign that delivers live AFL and NRL Friday night game scores inside audio ads on broadcast and digital audio platforms, in partnership with McDonald’s.

The API campaign uses live sports data to reflect the AFL and NRL Friday night match scores in real time, adapted according to which team is leading the game.

Live score updates are delivered during Triple M Footy ad breaks, so fans know who’s winning, even while the ads are on. Dynamic serving of ads was provided by Frequency, which SCA invested in late last year.

SCA Head of Digital Ad Product & Operations, Jonathan Mandel, says, “Our world first, live, dynamic creative provides advertisers with the unique opportunity to speak to their audience with hyper-relevant, contextual creative, across all devices and platforms, delivered seamlessly. Sport sits at the heart of Triple M and Aussies, so to update creative messages in real-time based on live scores has long been a dream to engage fans and drive outcomes for our advertisers.”


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