New podcasts from Nova, 9Podcasts and iHeart cover influencers, The Block and crypto

iHeart is partnering with Outspoken the Podcast, a twice weekly-dose of the hottest influencer and pop-culture news hosted by journalists and Adelaide-based triplets, Amy, Kate and Sophie Taeuber.

Sophie says, “It’s been amazing to watch Outspoken grow over the last three years. We are very grateful for the support of all of our listeners and are so excited to now be a part of the iHeart family.” 

ARN’s Head of Digital Audio, Corey Layton adds “We are excited to continue to grow our podcast network with the addition of Outspoken the Podcast. Amy, Kate and Sophie Taeuber join our stable alongside some of Australia’s most influential female podcasters and we are looking forward to continuing to grow their show.”

The Official Block Podcast, hosted by Shelley Craft has been launched by 9Podcasts to run alongside The Block: Tree Change.

 Each week after Sunday’s room reveal, Shelley will be joined by judges, including Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer, The Block contestants, and Scotty Cam to answer viewer questions, and lift the veil on decisions made and verdicts rendered.

Nova Podcast have just released Decoding Crypto hosted by financial Journalist Edwina Stott and Collective Shift CEO Ben Simpson.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Edwina and Ben will take listeners through the most important cryptocurrency news and break it down, explaining the concepts needed to really understand crypto.

Edwina Stott says, “Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting financial revolutions of our time. It is different in almost every way to our current financial systems. One thing that unfortunately is the same is the fact that it is incredibly male dominated.


“I’m passionate about helping women to better understand this new financial technology so that, if cryptocurrency is the future of finance, we are not left behind. I’m thrilled to be able to share my knowledge through Decoding Crypto and help as many women as possible to better understand this fascinating space.”