Xavier Ellis smashes Sam Kerr in soccer challenge

(…well, her mum’s picture frame, anyway.)

Xavier Ellis went head-to-head with soccer superstar, Samantha Kerr, this morning during Heidi, Will & Woody … and we expect to be hearing about it for quite some time.
It was elite athlete vs elite athlete outside the hit92.9 studio as Xavier took on Kerr in some target practice, but the stakes were higher than just bragging rights with each opponent risking a prized possession.
hit92.9’s former AFL star offered up a $300 bottle of wine for Kerr to smash and in return, she surrendered her Mum’s framed picture of her receiving the prestigious Julie Dolan Medal.
Kerr lined up and took the kick but unfortunately, the ball sailed above the pricey bottle of red.
Xavier followed and, in what can only be described as beginners luck, he successfully smashed Kerr’s picture off the pedestal!
After dominating AFL and now defeating one of the best female soccer players in Australia, Xavier has set his sights on the basketball world – gearing up to take on Wildcats Captain, Damian Martin, in a three-point challenge (with plenty at stake).

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