Yay for Stubbsy

Comedian and radio presenter Richard Stubbs has hung up his headphones after 11 years presenting the afternoon program on ABC 774, but not before raiding the stationery cupboard.
ABC Radio has announced that Dave O’Neil will replace Stubbsy on the afternoon shift.

Stubbs made the big decision to pull the pin on the eve of his 58th birthday and whilst recovering from the death of his beloved mother this year. He said he still has many other things he would like to do with his life:
“I want to leave while the shows are strong and challenge myself again.” 
Drive presenter Rafael Epstein and the rest of the ABC Melbourne crew piled into the studios this afternoon with a gluten free cake (no Stubbs does not have celiac’s disease) and partly whistles.
Epstein described him as the “consummate professional on-air ,” to which Stubbs joked “people listening would be laughing out loud I’m considered professional”.

He went on to say “it has been a pleasure, with plenty of great times and great people…
“Yay for me.”
Take a listen to Stubbs farewelling the Melbourne airwaves this afternoon.


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