Year in Review: ABC 702’s Roger Summerill

The Manager of ABC702 and NSW Local stations, Roger Summerill finished 2003 on a high, as his station scored well in the ratings and 702 breakfast presenter Angela Catterns knocked off Alan Jones for top Sydney Breakfast spot.

Summerill speaks to radioinfo about his year in this latest in our ‘Year in Review’ series.

radioinfo: What have been the best and worst moments of 2003 for you?

Summerill: Best was obviously the Survey 8/2003 results for Sydney. To be the number one station – even if only Monday-Friday- and to have the number one Breakfast and Drive programs in the nation’s biggest and most competitive Radio city is about a big of a buzz one can achieve in our industry.

The 702 team deserve the accolades they have been receiving as they have worked hard and long at improving the product and ensuring that day in and day out we give the people of Sydney a Radio station they can connect with.

Another great moment was the release of the Wollongong Ratings with our Breakfast program presented by Peter Riley being number one between 0530 and 0745.

The worst moment I think was going to Chris Brammel’s funeral and seeing how old all of the others at the funeral were – even those who I know are younger than me.

radioinfo: What will be your radio priorities for 2004?

Summerill: To continue working on the product to make 702 and our stations across NSW even more successful in 2004.

radioinfo: What do you think are the key issues for the radio industry as a whole for 2004?

Summerill: The main issue for all stations in all formats is finding the right talent.

radioinfo: What will be important for the ABC in 2004?

Summerill: For 702 and ABC NSW to continue to reflect the desires and aspirations of the audience we serve.

radioinfo: What do you think of ongoing issues such as – digital radio, narrowcasters, section 40 licences, etc?

Summerill: Looking forward to Digital radio becoming a reality. As regards the other issues I’ve been concentrating on doing what I do than getting involved in broader issues.

radioinfo: Did your regional staff feel the effects of the drought badly? How and what did they do about it?

Summerill: The positive attitude of our staff in continuing to have fun on the Radio whilst at the same time being sensitive to the issues and problems facing our rural communities I think has helped in the drought affected ares of the bush we serve.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that like Sydney more and more of our regional cities and towns are turning to ABC Local Radio as their choice of program.