Yet more money given away on KIIS 101.1

KIIS101.1‘s $50,000 What’s That Noise has netted another winner, taking the total amount given away so far this year to $150k.

Twenty-four-year-old Alicia Dertilis from Officer in Victoria was the lucky person who correctly guessed the noise to be closing a window using a window winder with a chain.

Alicia called KIIS101.1’s Matt & Meshel breakfast show this morning with a hunch of what the noise would be and conferred with her partner Billy who was adamant he knew what the noise was.

The clues kept affirming the couple’s intuition that the noise was in fact, a window being closed and a shocked Alicia couldn’t wait to share the news with Billy.
The couple have a mortgage and a car loan and have been planning a trip to Japan.
Matt & Meshel decided to surprise Billy and called him while he was in the shower to tell him the news that his partner had just won $50,000 with the simple guess.

Billy used the moment to ask Alicia live on radio if it meant he could now buy the car he had been dreaming of.


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