“You know what? Piss off” Jodie Oddy tells listener

Adelaide’s Mix 102.3 breakfast announcer Jodie Oddy is being trolled by a listener who has penned a three page anonymous scathing letter accusing her of being a bully on air.
Jodie was reluctant to talk about it on air but spurred on by her co-host Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom she decided to discuss it to deter people from spreading hate and bullying.
In a raw three minutes of radio, Jodie told the listener she is a horrible person and welcomed her to listen to another station telling the faceless listener;

“Life is too short to be miserable.”
“It’s a bit of an act of cowardice. (The letter) spewed vile … I’m talking the most heinous stuff … pretty revolting and it opened up and said ‘Soda I think you should know exactly who you are working with’.

“It attacked every facet of my character – from my laugh to my appearance, to my family. She also said ‘I live for the day you get axed’.

“You know what? Piss off. That is not okay because bullies trade on intimidation and they bank on being so nasty that people are frightened into submission and I won’t do that. If that was my child writing those words I’d be absolutely mortified and ashamed.”
“My love, you’ve just spent three pages telling me how much you hate me and what a revolting human being I am, who’s the fricken bully here?”


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