‘P.S. By the way who are you?’ John Laws hits back at Em Rusciano

It was on TEN’s The Project Monday night, Steve Price interviewed John Law‘s about his newly released book Lawsie … Well You Wanted To Know.

It was a tense exchange between frenemies as reported by radioinfo.

But the interview gained further traction when 2Day FM‘s Em Rusciano reacted on-air to Laws’ comments about his female staff.

Price: You, famously have all the women in your office wear skirts with bare legs.

Laws: True.

Price: But you can’t do that any more.

Laws: I can

Price: You still do it?

Laws: You bet. They all wear skirts.

Price: You haven’t had the equal opportunity commission come ‘round knocking on your door?

Laws: No. And if they do, they can get stuffed. He who pays the piper calls the tune. It would be a bit funny if I wore a skirt – I just love women. It’s been one of my great downfalls in life. I love to talk to them. I’d much rather talk to them than a bunch of blokes. And I love them to look feminine. And to me, a skirt on beautiful body is a very, very feminine thing.

Rusciano labeled the comments “sexist” and “irrelevant”.

She spoke with Fairfax Media after her shift saying, “In 2017, the fact a broadcaster could sit on a national television and unashamedly pronounce that all the women in his office wear short skirts and he liked to look at them [is infuriating],” she said. “It insinuates our only purpose is to provide eye candy for the male gaze.

“I think he has no idea who I am,” she said. “But [I blasted him] just on the off chance a young woman was watching and felt, oh God, is that what goes on?

Laws has reacted by sending the breakfast announcer a letter, referring to her as a “…funny little person”.

The letter has been posted on Em’s Facebook page, with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

“Honestly what a day, the green texta and opening gag are my favourite bits but that last line. I’m honoured he even listens to the show.”

Em also read the letter on-air with perhaps co-host Harley Breen, having the last say.

“This is the most amazing letter I’ve ever received … I’m gonna be pen pals with John Laws, this is so exciting,” says Em.

“You are welcome on this show anytime.”

“But only if you wear a skirt,” Breen added.

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