Your exclusive invitation to attend the 2020 CBAA conference for FREE!

You might say, ‘but that conference ended three weeks ago!’ 
And you’d be right.

Except that radioinfo has partnered with the CBAA to allow our readers to accces replays of all the conference sessions for free – saving you $75 on the livestream admission price.

Whether you’re involved in community, commercial or ABC radio, you’ll find world class presentations on all aspects of broadcasting amongst the 57 s[eakers over four days of events posted on the CBAA Conference website.
Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, improve your blogging strategy or be a better leader – The CBAA conerence has got you covered.

The Content: There are 18 different serssions on creating, producing and presenting great content.

The Business: There are 26 speakers for Station Managers and Staff, Chairs and Board Members on the ins and outs of running a station.

The People: 16 sessions deal with how to manage staff and volunteers and improve engagement..

The Tech: If you are into broadcast tech, then ther are 24 speakers with tips and advice to improve technical knowledge including hardware, software and operating remotely

You can’t do better than a 100 percent discount. 

So, rush to the CBAA Conference website right now because the paywall will go back up at the end of this month, Novemeber 30th.





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