Yumi marries again this time, live on Mix106.5

Yumi Stynes has only been married a year, yet last Friday, found herself renewing her vows to husband Martin Bendeler. But it wasn’t her idea.
Last time, the real wedding wasn’t so public. In fact, it was held in secret with only Yumi’s mum and daughters were there and the only photos taken on the day were on her mum’s iPhone. They’ve never been shared.
So this week, Yumi’s co-host Sami Lukis surprised Yumi on air for their first anniversary by giving them a surprise encore wedding or vow renewal. Sami also gave her just six minutes to change into her dress and get ready for the wedding.
Yumi’s husband and daughters Anouk and Dee Dee were in on the surprise and arrived in suit, bridesmaid dresses and with their dog Nuggsy.
Messages wishing the couple well were also sent in from friends including Chrissie Swan (Mix101.1), James Matthieson (Ten’s Wake Up), and Osher Gunsberg (host of Ten’s The Bachelor and calling in from LA).


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