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Frank Iuston

Great performance in hot OR cold water!
Digi Spells: Audio Transfers & Restoration

Well, where do I start. My radio stuff goes back to 1989 when I joined up with my local community broadcaster doing a thursday afternoon program, then in 1990 moving into saturday nights doing a request show where I stayed until 1996. While the show was on air I also undertook a production role, where I stayed long after the show had ended. These days you'll find me in my home studio restoring and transferring old audio and video tapes, dealing with all sorts of oddball formats as well as the regular formats. I'm set up to handle vinyl, 1/4" tape, R-DAT, audio cassette, minidisc, broadcast cart and 8 track cart, and am very well aware of the baking process required for the pain-in-the-proverbials like good ol' Ampex 406 and variants...on the video side, I can handle VHS, Betamax and U-matic low and high band, and I'm in touch with a couple of people who can also run 1 inch and 2 inch as well as Betacam SP. Recent audio restoration efforts have included whatever was left behind of 2UW's masters, various reels from Top Spots, and more recently, nearly a hundred audio cassettes featuring Australian radio airchecks from the 1970's. 2013 marks my 24th year since I got started with all this, and will probably do it for another 24 years - or at least until my hearing gives out! So go on, raid those cupboards for those priceless old tapes, and let's see what I can do for you in getting your stuff preserved and listenable once again. For me, it's a labour of love, and if I can help you out breathing new life into your old recordings, mission accomplished.

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