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Polly Gillespie

Breakfast Announcer
More FM and Rova

I have been one of NZ's top CHR breakfast radio hosts in nz for 20 years plus.  I work with my awesomely talented ex husband Grant Kerama. [[Best darn voice in radio. no comparison] Grant is the straight guy and awesome technical operator.  Very smart.  very aware of politics internationally, sport, and geeky guy stuff.  i'm the main entertainer.  i do most of the creative directing.  I'm funny, opinionated, really liked by women, because I speak up for them and adore them, without hating on men. We are a great team. we were working for nzme UNTIL jAN LAST YEAR, WHEN dean buchanana formerly of 'nova' fame, decided to get rid of grnt and give me my own breakfast show.  I didn't want to do that, and it turned a little ugly.  Well DEAN turned a little ugly.


we are now hosting a very successful networked breakfast show for Media works, and loving it.  We just would love to do what we're doing in Queensland, where there are more Kiwis than here in NZ.  We think we could do really well ESPECIALLY on Gold Coast or Brisbane.  We'd love the opportunity to show you our stuff.  we'd also love the opportunity to be warm. Wellington is great, but we dream of golden sands and David jones.  we have a great young Producer David Rybinski, who is like Radar from Mash, and also hilarious on air talent. 

My number is +64 21 1532434.

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