Alexis Fernandez’s Do You F*cking Mind? joins LiSTNR

Do You F*cking Mind?, hosted by Alexis Fernandez, has joined LiSTNR. The podcast is a mix of mental health information, psychology and tough love, delivering, as Fernandez describes it, “mindset hacks for a badass life.”

Fernandez said:

“I started this podcast in my Sydney bedroom three years ago and am so excited to be levelling up with LiSTNR. When the podcast began, I was halfway through my Masters degree in neuroscience, and so I was keen to share what I was learning and to connect with people that wanted to work on themselves. No matter what episode you listen to, each one aligns with my ‘why’ for podcasting – to help people improve their relationship with themselves. 

“There’s a lot of health and wellness podcasts that profile people but leave you feeling dog sh*t and helpless afterwards. We’re the opposite of that. In every episode I share actionable tools that anyone can put into practice to change their f*cking life!” 

Fernandez is author of Be Bold and The Neuroscience of Self-Love, with Do You F*cking Mind? a fusion of science, social psychology, listener questions and guest interviews. Discussions cover emotions, relationships, and dilemmas, answering questions like: How do you die of water poisoning? What does cocaine do to your brain? And can you survive with half a brain?

Episodes are released twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays, with new episodes and the complete back catalogue of the podcast available now on LiSTNR.


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