Amanda Keller and bestie Anita McGregor’s new podcast with a pun(ch) Double A Chattery

What a combo. ARN’s iHeart has launched the new podcast Double A Chattery, hosted WSFM’s Amanda Keller, and Anita McGregor, her forensic psychologist best friend.

Keller and McGregor have shared a connection and thousands of weekly walks together. Double A Chattery lets you join them for engaging conversations about the news, the world, untold personal stories from their lives and subjects big, small, important and silly.

Keller said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch Double A Chattery. Anita and I have always enjoyed our candid conversations, and now we get to share our banter, insights, and laughter with our listeners. I love daily radio but there are some topics you really want to spend some time on and sink your teeth into. Come on a weekly walk with us!”

McGregor said:

“Ever since I arrived in Australia and met Amanda we have shared such a deep connection, walking and talking is a form of therapy for us both, and it’s exciting to now be able to share it, who knows what we will end up talking about.”

Double A Chattery is available now on the free iHeart app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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