ANZ partners with Eardrum to launch daily financial podcast 5 in 5

ANZ, audio agency Eardrum and creative agency Dave Clark are launching 5 in 5 with ANZa daily financial markets podcast hosted by Bernard Hickey featuring the news, trends and insights from ANZ economists based around the world.

Hickey said:

“It’s exciting to embark on this project at such an interesting time for global markets with the ANZ Research team. This podcast will provide audiences with something new and interesting to take into consideration when making key decisions every day, wherever they are.”

Eardrum’s Founding Creative Director, Ralph van Dijk, said:

“The show’s unique format allows for a wealth of information to be honed down to the essentials, and having Bernard based in NZ gives us a handy time zone headstart on the day.”

5 in 5 with ANZ launches on August 1 on all podcast platforms.

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