Charlotte Crosby is back at Nova and always on

Reality TV star Charlotte Crosby returns to Nova with her podcast Charlotte Crosby Always On.

The soon-to-be new mum as she shares her intimate, often TMI perspective on pregnancy, motherhood and her thoughts on what it’s like to trade dirty nights for dirty nappies. It turns out being up at all hours of the night with a bunch of screaming Geordie’s might actually be a pretty good crash course for parenthood!

With a new episode dropping each month, Charlotte will provide the most in-depth look into her life, and as fans know, nothing is off limits.

Think of this podcast as a personal look into Charlotte’s diary.

In the first episode Charlotte spills the goods on her breakup with ex Liam, how she met her current partner Jake and what it was like finding out she was pregnant, particularly following her ectopic pregnancy experience and having some of her reproductive organs removed.