Cold case reopened with The Easey Street Murders podcast

ARN’s iHeart and Casefile True Crime have launched a new podcast, The Easey Street Murders investigating the brutal killings of Susan Bartlett and Suzanne Armstrong in their own homes on Easey St Collingwood 47 years ago.

The murders have never been solved despite a million-dollar reward and extensive investigation and the crime left a scar on the nation’s conscience.

Helen Thomas, an award-winning journalist, initially picked up the cold case known for ABC’s Background Briefing, later chronicling her findings in the book Murder On Easey Street. Now Casefile Presents: The Easey Street Murders takes listeners on an immersive podcast journey as Thomas conducts in-depth interviews with the victims’ loved ones, overlooked witnesses and retired law enforcement officers who were present at the scene of the crime, painting a haunting picture of that fateful night in January 1977.

Thomas said:

“We know that justice delayed is justice denied. But after nearly 50 years, how long much longer do Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett have to wait for their killer to be found?”

The Casefile Presents: The Easey Street Murders podcast series is available now on the iHeart app. New episodes drop weekly on all other podcast platforms.

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