Russel Howcroft and Freddie Young make AdMissions

Australian ad guru Russel Howcroft and up-and-comer Freddie Young from Good One Creative have launched an experimental, no spin advertising podcast, AdMission, in partnership with 9Podcasts telling the stories behind brands, ideas, campaigns, advertising news and industry screw ups, as well as insights into the business.

Howcroft and Young offer listeners two different sides of advertising. Howcroft is one half of Melbourne’s number one rating breakfast show on 3AW with a lifetime of knowledge and experience shaped in the glory days of advertising. Young is a millennial working in a media landscape dominated by strict standards and social media.

Howcroft said:

“I’m actually really excited to see the results of this experiment. I’ve challenged 26-year-old Freddie Young, from Good One, to prove that he knows way more about advertising than I do. Good luck, Freddie. Tune in to find out.”

Young said:

“I’m really looking forward to us having the time to sit down and flesh some of these ideas out. I like giving him a hard time but, truthfully, we’re yet to broach a subject about which he hasn’t got an honest-to-god opinion. Whenever something in the news catches my attention, he’s the first person I’ll ask about it; for context, for colour. He’s a walking library of Australian business, media, and culture. Except libraries could probably teach him a thing or two about how to shut up.”

Together, they reveal the tricks and philosophy behind some of the world’s most recognisable brands, all while attempting to answer some of the biggest marketing dilemmas facing the industry.

AdMission is available now with new episodes available every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts.

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