Disclosed: The Children in the Pictures wins an AWGIE

LiSTNR’s Disclosed: The Children in the Pictures has won an AWGIE Award for Best Audio – Non Fiction for their podcast that goes inside Taskforce Argos, Australian detectives dedicated to infiltrating global criminal networks and rescuing children from online sexual abuse.

The Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE Awards recognise and reward the achievements of Australian performance writers and how they contribute to Australia’s cultural landscape. They are the only industry awards given by writers to writers and are judged on the script.

LiSTNR’s Simon Nasht accepted the award, thanking his co-script writers and colleagues Akhim Dev, Belinda Lopez and Emma Lancaster.

Co-creators of the podcast series Akhim Dev and Simon Nasht said:

“The Guild awards are always they ones we really prize, as they are the judgment of our peers.

“This was a tough subject to bring to audiences, and that would not have been possible without the strong support of the highly talented team at LiSTNR. While others balked, they were steadfast and share the credit for the success of this series and the tremendous impact it has made.”

The AWGIE adds to a list of awards that Disclosed: The Children in the Pictures has already won including Podcast of the Year at the Australian Commercial Radio & Audio Awards (ACRAs), Gold at the New York Radio Festival Awards for best narrative documentary, Silver in the True Crime Category at the internationally acclaimed, The Signal Awards in New York, and Best Documentary at the Radio Today Podcast Awards. It was also shortlisted as one of three finalists in the prestigious Australian Walkley Awards for Audio Long (over 20 minutes) and a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Kennedy Awards in Audio Journalism: Outstanding Podcast.


  • Listeners are taken inside Taskforce Argos. The unit is a branch of the Queensland Police Service, responsible for the investigation of online child exploitation and abuse.
  • Taskforce Argos is named after a character in Greek mythology called Argos Panoptes. It means “all-seeing”. Argos was a giant guard, with eyes all over his body and head.
  • Taskforce Argos investigators have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. One of their investigators has saved approximately 1,600 children from abuse during their career.

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