Lauren Hannan joins Podshape as sales director

Lauren Hannan has joined audio production company Podshape as Sales Director, based out of Brisbane.

Jay Walkerden, Co-Founder of Podshape said:

“Lauren’s extensive background in sales and her proven track record in building strong partnerships make her a perfect fit for Podshape. We love audio and are passionate about helping brands understand how they can leverage it to connect with their audiences. With Lauren on board, we are excited to enhance our market presence and foster new collaborations that will drive our growth and success.”

Hannan said:

“I look forward to building on the company’s success and contributing to its growth by forging strong, mutually beneficial partnerships and delivering more outstanding results for our clients.”

Podshape have also released their latest true crime series My Sister the Murderer about Brittney Dwyer, a young woman who murdered her own grandfather in Adelaide, told through the eyes of her brother, Ryan, and mother, Tonya Dwyer.

On August 5, 2016, in the quiet suburb of Craigmore, Adelaide, Brittney Dwyer, then just 19, committed the unthinkable act, in misguided quest for her 81-year-old grandfather Robert Whitwell’s life savings.

Ryan and Tonya share their perspectives and experiences of the devastating impact of Brittney’s actions on their family and their ongoing struggle to understand and cope with the tragedy.

My Sister the Murderer is available on all major podcast platforms.




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