New Podcasts: Lisa Wilkinson tells all, Amy Gerard goes beyond the likes, Home hacks and Saved for Later

Lisa Wilkinson recounts her life in a tell-all interview, sitting down with co-founder of Mamamia, Mia Freedman.

From growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs to her editorships at Dolly & Cleo, and everything in between, Lisa speaks candidly about learning her relationship with Karl Stefanovic was only for the cameras, the gender pay gap, and the heartbreaking moment she was told to never return to The Today Show over the phone, in the canned foods aisle at the grocery store.

In this two-part interview, Lisa shares her heartbreaking experience of sexual assault as a young girl by an esteemed member of the community to her struggles with body image as a teenager, and the job ad she found that changed her life forever.

And the moment she realised her relationship with Karl was just for the screen, “I felt a bit foolish. I just thought ‘I don’t even know what this relationship is. This is purely a relationship for the cameras.’ And I couldn’t talk to him for 2 hours, apart from what was scripted. For the first time in over a decade, I didn’t trust myself to play nice.”

Guardian Australia’s new podcast, Saved for Later, will give listeners a weekly primer on the zeitgeist online.

Hosted by culture editor Steph Harmon, lifestyle editor Alyx Gorman and editorial assistant Michael Sun,  the podcast builds on the considerable success of the Saved for Later newsletter, which has built a highly engaged following since its launch in late 2019.

Gorman says, Itll be a lowstakes, high-fun catchup on the tabs we just can’t close, from big pop culture events to deep wormholes,” said Gorman. “It’s basically us reading the internet and finding the good bits – so you don’t have to. Like a friendly team of oysters filtering an ocean of content and then making pearls. Is that how oysters work?”

 The new podcast is the second addition to Guardian Australia’s podcast network in quick succession, and follows the September launch of Guardian Australia Reads.

From vagina cross-fit, teething horrors and learning how to juggle it all, Aussie Influencer Mumma, Amy Gerard’s, Beyond The Likes podcast explores the humorous side of life after kids outside the realms of Instagram.

After cultivating over 100,000 online followers by documenting her relatable experiences of motherhood and marriage, Amy discusses the funnier struggles or motherhood, sex and life on her weekly podcast, available through DM Podcasts and the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network.

“No topic is off-limits,” says Amy regarding her new venture, which explores a different topic each week. In standard Gerard form, the podcast gives a funny, honest and most importantly real insight into the daily life of the influencer including meeting her husband on Instagram, sailing to climax island with new adult toys and even kids “smearing poo on the walls”.

“I share the highs and lows & everything in between,” says Amy, “I’m not going to pretend I live this glamorous Instagram life. I get my ass handed to me daily, negotiate hourly with tiny dictators and fantasise about burning all the lego every night while the kids are asleep,” she says.

Join the founders of ‘Mums Who’, Karlie Suttie and Rachael Hallett, to learn their best shortcuts, tips, tricks and hacks to help manage the home and create relaxing spaces.

Home Hacks will provide practical tips on everything from organising makeup storage to easy changes that can make to the laundry and broom closet to increase its functionality. The series will also feature seasonal tips, for instance, how to pack away Christmas decorations to avoid having thousands of tangled fairy lights next year.

Karlie says, “I love to organise and am super passionate about sharing tips and tricks that could help make other’s lives easier. I’ve developed systems that save time, money and make the space look nice. I can’t be bothered doing everyday tasks like cooking, laundry and grocery shopping so I’ve created ways to make this an easy task so I can spend time doing fun things with my kids.”

Rachael Hallett & Karlie Suttie

NOVA Entertainment’s Managing Producer, Elle Beattie,  says, “I’ve been a member of the ‘Mums Who’ Facebook groups for years and have seen first-hand the appeal that exists for this style of content, especially now that we are spending more time than ever at home. Karlie and Rachael are a goldmine for content, and already have an active engaged audience. I am really excited that we can extend their brand into podcast form and hopefully, finally have a Tupperware drawer that closes!”

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