LiSTNR’s Crime Insiders explores the realities of crime investigation

Crime Insiders takes listeners behind the scenes of those trying to solve crimes and analyse crime scenes. Made up of two separate podcasts released twice weekly, LiSTNRs Crime Insiders: Detectives and Crime Insiders: Forensics features episode from those working in crime scene investigations, and those working in all areas of law enforcement.

Crime Insiders: Detectives is hosted by former police officer and author of How Dangerous Men Think, Brent Sanders.

While in the police force, Sanders was deployed in riot control, investigated sexual assault cases, and studied the methods and psychology of rapists. He now uses his research and policing experience as a full-time educator, teaching personal and psychological safety and self-defence to women and men, as well as travelling Australia, presenting to schools and universities, educating young people about sexual crimes, and expanding the conversation around consent and social safety.

Sanders shares the experiences of individuals in different areas of law enforcement; their experiences of the complexities of trying to solve their biggest cases and the safety tips they gained through this work, that they wished the public knew.

Crime Insiders: Forensics is hosted by crime author, screenwriter, and former general practitioner Kathryn Fox.

Throughout her time as a GP, Fox took on courses and challenges that allowed her to best treat victims of crime. For her research as a crime author, she forged relationships with murderers, victims, police, psychopaths, lawyers and prisoners which propelled her deeper into studying and documenting human behaviour.

Fox wishes to remove the romance and the gore around forensics and explore the science of crime scenes and those who can decode them.

Both are available now on LiSTNR and wherever you get your podcasts.

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