Milestone for Life of Brian…..Mannix that is

Life of Brian… Mannix that is has hit 100 episodes with singer, songwriter, actor, author, television and radio presenter Mannix chatting with everyone from Alice Cooper, Johnny Rotten, Huey Lewis, Dick Smith, Kim Wilde, Donny Most, Mickey Dolenz, Barry Williams, Steve Waugh, Miss Helena, Jeff Fenech and even Elvis (Elvis Costello, just in case you were wondering).

Life of Brian is produced by Howdy Partners Media who recently celebrated the 300th episode of Food Bytes with Sarah Patterson and 100 also for Authorised with Kevin Hillier, where authors across all genres talk about their writing.

Hillier, who’s spent 50 years in radio, is involved in all three shows as co-host and producer with other podcasts in his Howdy Partners stable covering everything from Elvis (Presley this time with A Little Less Conversation A Little More Elvis seeing tribute artist and historian Mark Andrew talking to those who were on the inside of the King’s amazing career) to legal matters (The Legal Minefield) and AFL (The Two Dogs Podcast).

Hillier said:

“It’s a diverse group of programs I guess, but that is what my radio career has given me – skills to communicate across a broad spectrum.

The common denominator is the shows are fun, interesting and offer something for both the listener and those doing the shows without being self indulgent or just a glorified advertorial. Isn’t that where podcasting should be aiming? It is certainly our objective.”    


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