Neil Mitchell Asks Why for a second season

Retirement from 3AW means that Neil Mitchell has more time to ask why and so his podcast of the same name is back for a second season with a new format and guests.

Each episode delivers analysis, opinion and conversations, including extraordinary personal revelations from one of Australia’s favourite gold medal contenders at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the leading Australian doctor facing his inevitable death and what it’s teaching him, and the woman who broke a world record but wanted to give up every step of the way.

Mitchell said:

“I don’t know how many times on radio over the years I have said, ‘we’re out of time but we could talk for an hour about this’. Now we can. And I’m hungry; this is the longest I have been away from a microphone in more than 35 years. I’ve got things to say, news to analyse  and fascinating  people I want to talk to at length.

With this new podcast season the shackles are off. There will be in-depth interviews of course, digging behind the people making news. And we will introduce a current affairs edge, with the main issues facing Australia explained, analysed and debated.  

 It will be fun. Bring it on. Nobody else has time to do this properly. We can, and we will.”

The first episode of the second season of Neil Mitchell Asks Why is available now on all major podcast platforms with new episodes released weekly.

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