Nine’s new true crime podcast The Missing Campers Trial

In March 2020 two campers, 74-year-old Russell Hill and 73-year-old Carol Clay, headed out into the Victorian high country and never came home. Jetstar pilot Gregory Lynn was arrested and later charged 18 months later with two counts of murder.

The Missing Campers Trial podcast, a production from the teams at 9News, The Age and 9Podcasts, takes listeners inside the perplexing case and meticulous police investigation as the high-profile trial of Gregory Lynn commences.

Nine’s journalists and hosts Penelope Liersch and Erin Pearson will take listeners into the courtroom as the evidence unfolds, examining key moments in Victoria’s highest court.

Liersch said:

“This is a case that has drawn attention across Australia and the globe, but at the heart of any case of alleged murder are the people who’ve lost their lives. It’s their story and the stories of their loved ones that we strive to keep at the forefront of our reporting.”

Pearson, a Crime and Justice Reporter at The Age, said:

“Every day cases play out in our legal system, this podcast is a rare opportunity to bring listeners inside that system to see how a jury trial works and why”.

The Missing Campers Trial is available now with new episodes weekly on a Thursday everywhere you get your podcasts.

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