One Minute Remaining creator launches new true crime podcast Wanted

Australian true crime podcast Wanted has launched, with One Minute Remaining host Jack Laurence interviewing people who have been, or are currently, wanted by authorities in connection with alleged criminal activities.

One Minute Remaining has been a huge success story for the former radio host turned true crime investigator, with over 2 million downloads from a global audience listening to incarcerated men and women share their stories.

In this new podcast, Laurence sits down and interviews people from around the world who have been wanted, or who are currently wanted, by authorities in connection with alleged crimes.

He said:

“Since starting OMR I always get tagged in stories online and one day someone tagged me in a video with a guy claiming to be wanted by the FBI and living in the Caribbean, so curiosity got the better of me and I messaged him, and he agreed to chat with me”.  

“During that first interview, I was told about a friend of his who was wanted for apparently helping North Korea avoid global sanctions, so I hooked up with him from his new home in Russia and before I knew it I had started going down this rabbit hole and this whole world was opening up to me. I’ve spoken with people who have incredible stories of being on the run.”

Guests include a former MI5 officer who leaked government secrets, a man who escaped a Thai prison weeks before he was to be executed by firing squad and someone who says he was once a hitman for a Panamanian drug cartel.

Wanted releases new episodes every Monday. It is hosted and distributed by Acast and available now across all podcast platforms.

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