SBS’s new podcast Grave Matters talks death, grief and mourning

Some of the biggest questions about death, grief and mourning will be asked and answered by the hosts of new SBS podcast Grave Matters, Nadine J. Cohen and Anthony Levin, and their guests including a forensic scientist, Muslim death doula, First Nations grief counsellor, trauma therapist, climate researcher, tech innovator and more.

Over ten episodes close friends Cohen, a writer and refugee advocate, and Levin, a human rights lawyer and writer, confront these difficult and often taboo topics with heart and humour.

Nadine J Cohen (left) and Anthony Levin (right)

Cohen said:

“Grave Matters looks at death and dying from all angles. We meet incredible people doing work they’re very passionate about, and some have real character. It’s not a morbid or depressing podcast. It’s a fascinating look into a world we could all know more about.”

In the first episode the pair look at how how funerals sometimes condense a person’s life into a highlight reel, speaking with death doula and funeral director Bec Lyons, an advocate for family-led death care. Other episodes look at innovations making the funeral industry more environmentally sustainable, a new model for processing and healing grief and loss and a Norwegian scientist studying human decomposition to solve crimes.

“Every episode explores and celebrates practices that widen the narrow paradigm of Western grief and mourning,” said Levin.

Grave Matters is available now on SBS Audio, the SBS Audio app and all other podcast platforms.

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