The most extraordinary rescues in new podcast with Donny Dust

Primitive survival expert and United States Marine Corps Veteran Donny Dust hosts the new Sony Music Entertainment podcast Rescue exploring some of the most incredible rescue missions from all over the world. Many of the interviewees have never shared their stories before.

The stories told in Rescue relate to Dust’s own experiences. As part of the Search & Rescue Unit in the US Marine Corps, Donny delivered triage care to comrades in active war zones. He now teaches hunting and survival skills to his more than 10 million followers on TikTok.

Known as the “Professional Caveman”, Dust’s guests include the para-rescuer who parachuted into frozen arctic waters to save a father and son, trapped in a freak ice storm, the commuter whose fearless actions saved countless lives while chaos reigned around him during the London Paddington Crash and the US miners who were trapped in an underground flood for 77 hours.

New episodes of the 20 part series are released each Tuesday. You can listen to Rescue, a celebration of those who refuse to surrender, even in the face of impossible odds, here.

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