Trim the fat with The Politics Podcast

Schwartz Media and SCA’s LiSTNR have announced their first podcast co-production, The Politics Podcast, following a strategic partnership in 2021.

The Politics Podcast is a new podcast hosted by The Monthly’s Rachel Withers and will be published at 6 pm each weekday evening. 

Launching in the lead up to one of the most talked-about Federal Elections in Australian history, The Politics Podcast is designed to cut through the soundbites and spin to give listeners the information needed.

Schwartz Media Editor-in-chief, Erik Jensen, said: “Rachel Withers consistently delivers the clearest, most incisive commentary on Australian politics. She is a voice of reason every day for The Monthly and it is exciting we will now hear that voice on The Politics Podcast.”

LiSTNR Head of News and Information, Melanie Withnall, says: “Rachel Withers offers a unique perspective on The Politics Podcast, continuing to build the depth of LiSTNR’s news and information offering. This is just the first of many exciting new products we will co-create with Schwartz Media.”

New episodes of The Politics Podcast will be available each week-day evening and is available now on LiSTNR.

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