Two new podcasts from SBS

Tieing in with the Lunar New Year, SBS has released a new podcast, Chinese-ish, about what it’s like being a young Chinese-Australian in today’s Australia.

Chinese-ish is the first podcast from SBS’ commissioning process to be released. In September 2021, SBS called out to Australian podcasters to submit their concepts, inviting pitches showcasing originality and diverse storytelling, as it looked to build on its offering of podcasts providing news, information and entertainment in more than 60 languages.

The English-language show is hosted by Wing Kuang and Mark Yin (pictured) and is aimed at young second- and third-generation Chinese Australians.

A second podcast from SBS, Mum Mane Ama or Mum माने आमा, is a Nepali-language podcast in Nepali,  about parenting in Australia and covers sensitive and taboo topics for the community like IVF, single parenting, and autism, as well as discussing pregnancy and raising children more broadly.

The hosts are SBS Nepali producers Sunita Pokharel and Shikha Basnet.

Sunita Pokharel and Shikha Basnet

It’s conversational in tone, designed to be a companion for new parents as they grow their family in a country where they may not have access to close family support, and might not speak the dominant language fluently.

There’ll be first person experiences and well as experts weighing in on each topic.