Aiir launches PlayoutONE version 5

Aiir has announced version 5 of its radio automation software, PlayoutONE.

Version 5 has increase PlayoutONE’s speed and efficiency, allowing broadcasters around the world to get more things done with ease with remote broadcasting tools, LiveMIC and WebVT, having had a major update. This allows presenters working from anywhere to broadcast across multiple stations sharing the same log, but with per-station variations, making it ideal for networks and groups.

A new Audio Engine allows multiple stations to be run from a single piece of hardware.

Other updates include:

  • xLog – a new utility designed for sports and special event broadcasts.
  • A new Media Editor for quick and easy editing of audio.
  • A re-designed segue editor to make custom transitions using the new envelope functionality.
  • A new Command Manager app to make it easy to build custom commands.

Aiir and PlayoutONE merged at the start of this year and this, their first major update together, is free to existing customers.

PlayoutONE v5 is designed for all broadcasters, and available in Standard, ideal for individuals, Pro and part of a new “On Aiir” package deal which combines PlayoutONE v5, website CMS, mobile apps, Alexa skill and Studio Inbox.

You can find out more here.

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