New dual transmitter version of RØDE’s Wireless ME

RØDE has announced a dual transmitter version of their Wireless ME, a grab-and-go wireless mic for content creators.

RØDE’s compact wireless mic, the Wireless GO, was the first truly wireless wearable microphone system, revolutionising audio for content creators with its compact form, audio quality and in-built microphones. Later they improved to release the Wireless GO II and the Wireless PRO and Wireless ME were both released in 2023. Now the Wireless ME will be released in a limited-edition dual set, featuring two transmitters and one receiver, available in either black or white.

The Wireless ME features RØDE’s GainAssist technology, which utilises algorithms that automatically control audio levels on-the-fly, ensuring pristine audio in almost any recording situation. It is simple to use and the only wireless microphone with a mic built into the receiver for recording audio from in front of and behind the camera simultaneously, making it ideal for capturing interviews or voice overs for video content. You can record of two or even three subjects at the same time when the in-built receiver mic is activated.

The option to have a Wireless ME in white, as well as the original black, makes it ideal for creators who are looking for a discreet solution when working with talent who typically wear lighter coloured clothing. They will be available for purchase in the coming months.

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